Board Meeting Newsletters

Clarifying Statement from Dr. Root

  • FROM BOARD MEMBER COMMENTS AT MEETING 4/28/20: In a clarifying statement from school board member, Dr. Ed Root, he shared that his recent conversation with Maryland State Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Karen Salmon, was that in the event that Maryland public schools are to re-open this school year, one possible option could be to go back on a class by class basis and have half of the students in a classroom go to school one day and the other half of the class go on the next day. This option was for alternating full days of school, not half days. It is important to note that while Dr. Salmon was accepting suggestions, it does not mean that those suggestions are now being considered.

    Dr. Root also stressed to Dr. Salmon that if schools do re-open this year, any parent who feels unsafe or uncomfortable sending their student back should not be penalized for choosing to keep them home and continuing with remote learning. Additionally, an article published by the Cumberland Times-News stated "Board member Ed Root said he talked to Dr. Salmon about the possibility of reopening ACPS schools before the end of the year. The issue will continue to be examined." Dr. Root said that is an accurate statement based on his conversation with Dr. Salmon.

    It is important for the public to know that any decision to re-open schools will not be made at the local level. This decision will be made at the state level, when and if circumstances permit under conditions that are felt to be safe for all students and staff.