• The students and parents of Allegany high school first organized Allegany boys’ soccer in the fall of 1921. The inaugural event for this pioneer soccer team was an away game against Bruce High school in Westernport. Allegany boys’ soccer team came away with a victory and beginning of a long tradition of sportsmanship and excellence had begun. In the early years of this soccer team Allegany had only a varsity team with 20 students on it. Allegany played all of their home games were on the athletic field outside the school. In 1939 the Allegany soccer team started to struggle and the program ended before world war ll. The program didn’t start back up till 40 years after this happened and started back up in the fall of 1977. The two reasons this program shut down was because the league they were in only allowed two team teams because of the lack of competition so therefor Allegany had no league to participate. Since 1977 the soccer program has been going strong. This past season first year, head coach Paul Haberlein led the campers to a winning season. Haberlein has a lot in store for the upcoming years and expects a lot from the players.

Alco Varsity Soccer