Allegany Cross-Country

  • Allegany created their first county team in 1960 with Coach Ron Chapman. When it first started, Cross-country was only open for the boys. Cross country is more focused on independence, not so much dependent on an entire team. Every runner runs for himself, working as a team in the end. The “Rock Pile”, the informal name of the Ft. Cumberland Golf Course was used by every team in the immediate area for home meets. In 1978, this course later provided area meets for the girls’ team that was created.

    This year’s season is led by head coaches Justin Taylor and Bill Hughes. The Campers come off of a successful 2022 season, having made it to the West Region Championship, and the State Championship. In the Regionals, Allegany would place 7th in the men’s division, and 8th in the women’s. In the State Championship, Dustin Long would place 13th overall in the Men’s 3 Mile, boasting a time of 18:40.37, along with Morgan Trautwein who would place 19th overall in the Women’s 3 Mile with a time of 22:58.86. This year’s 2023 team is composed of twenty members, 14 for the men’s division and 6 for the women’s.

    The Campers look to put together another great year, hoping to once again make it back to the State Championship.