Allegany Bowling

  • Bowling first started after World War II, but no records were found. Bowling returned back in the 1980’s, taking hold as one of the fastest growing sports. Ron Whitacre and Steve Jewell directed the modern bowling league in 1984 at Allegany. Diamond Bowling Lanes on Virginia Avenue was always the place to be since most bowling tournaments took place here. Also, not forgetting Sherwood Lanes with a total of only six lanes.

    Coaching the team of 15, seven boys and eight girls, Troy Cubbage has won three actual titles for the boys and one adjusted for the girls. This year’s boys’ team is looking to win their third straight actual championship in a row. The girls are looking to contend for the adjusted title. This year’s girl team is being led by three-year veteran Caitlyn Uhl and Co-Captain Kiersten Shirey. The boys’ team is led by Corey Mckenzie and Co-Captain Josh Shirey. Starting the year off right Josh Shirey bowled a 300 at tryouts! Here is to a great year full of strikes!