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ACPS Provides Inclement Weather Plan for 2022-2023 School Year

The Maryland State Department of Education will allow local school districts to utilize up to eight (8) days of virtual learning this school year. In Allegany County Public Schools, those allotted days will be used as inclement weather days. 

For the first three (3) inclement weather days, asynchronous learning will be utilized, allowing students to login to Schoology to complete assignments at any time on an inclement weather day. The developmental level of students will be taken into consideration when determining the number of assignments per content area that will be provided on asynchronous days. 

If ACPS requires additional days for inclement weather beyond the first three, up to five (5) days will then be used. The format for those days will be a half-day of synchronous learning (real-time learning with a teacher) via the Schoology platform. Schedules for these inclement weather days will be available on the school system's website. 

As always, students without access to connectivity will be allotted up to two days following a closure to submit assignments to be counted present for a particular class. 


Published 8/10/22