Stuffed Road Runners

  • One of the PBIS activities that results in a positive school climate for adults is called “Stuffed Road Runner Reward.”

    Our school mascot is a road runner bird; it is the core of our school spirit. The cartoon image of the road runner is represented throughout the building in a variety of ways including the PBIS program. The PBIS school rules posters and reward tickets all contain the road runner emblem. We refer to our reward tickets as “Road Runners.”

    We have five Road Runner stuffed animals that are displayed in classrooms each week. The five are labeled for the subjects of Art, Music, Media, Phys. Ed and Life Skills. Every class attends these subjects once a week and has the opportunity to earn the Stuffed Road Runners to display in their classroom for having the best overall behavior. It is a little competition among all classes and grade levels. The winners are chosen by the Art, Music, Media, Phys. Ed. and Life Skills teachers and announced on Friday afternoons.

    This activity has a positive effect on school climate for adults since it gives non-homeroom teachers a chance to be involved in rewarding students and homeroom teachers a sense of pride when their kids are selected for recognition in the building.