Phase 2 of the Learn in School Phased-In Plan

PHASE 2 OF THE LEARN IN SCHOOL PHASED-IN PLAN (Further information and clarification will be forthcoming)

On Monday, September 21, 2020, ACPS will begin Phase 2 of the Learn in School Phased-In Plan. The senior students at the Career Center will report to their skill areas. The transportation department is finalizing bus routes. The CCTE students will attend their skill areas five half-days per week, every other week. On the week of September 28th, the junior students will report to their skill areas. Students at the Career Center will still continue to take their academic week classes virtually through Schoology. Students will eat breakfast and lunch at the school, and dismissal time will be close to noon. CCTE students will be required to wear masks and socially distance appropriately. The skill area class sizes at the Career Center are small enough, and the class spaces have been determined large enough to accommodate appropriate social distancing.


Students with special needs who have been identified for an early return to school will report to their classrooms on Wednesday, September 23, 2020. At the elementary level, in order to maintain the social distancing requirements, classes will be split in half, with one group attending on Monday and Wednesday and the other group attending school on Tuesday and Thursday. The in-person portion of the elementary day will end at 1:30 p.m. 


ACPS would like to clarify that the special education students who will begin school on September 23rd are ONLY those students who attend specialized programs at Cash Valley, Washington, Fort Hill, Mountain Ridge, and Allegany College of Maryland. Families of those students have been contacted.


Middle school students and students at Allegany College of Maryland with special needs who have been identified for an early return to school will attend school in two groups for the purposes of social distancing on either Monday and Wednesday or Tuesday and Thursday.  They will be dismissed at 12:30 p.m. High school students with special needs who have been identified for an early return to school will attend school in two groups for the purposes of social distancing on either Monday and Tuesday or Wednesday and Thursday, and will be dismissed at 12:15 p.m. The transportation department is finalizing bus routes for all of these students, and parents will be contacted within the next few days with this information.  


These students will eat breakfast and lunch at the school during in-person learning, and they will take a ‘to go’ breakfast bag with them when they are dismissed. Lunches will continue to be available for pickup on the virtual days at any of the ACPS schools.


Part of the decision making process for the phased-in plan involves the Maryland Department of Health and Allegany County Health Department criteria that must be met by public schools. Students need to wear masks and maintain six feet distance in classrooms and on the school bus.


If the health metrics remain stable, then ACPS will begin to bring in students in Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten. The anticipated target date for Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten to begin in-school learning is the week of October 5th.


A COVID-19 symptom checklist will be provided to every parent. It will be the responsibility of parents and guardians to review this checklist daily to determine if their child has any of the symptoms listed. Parents and guardians should also take their child’s temperature each morning. Under no circumstances should a child who is exhibiting any of the symptoms as outlined on the checklist attend school on that day. Click HERE to view a Parent Letter. 


If a student becomes ill while at school, the student must be picked up from school within 30 minutes unless there are extenuating circumstances. Parents and guardians should proactively develop a plan for pick-up in the event their child is symptomatic for the COVID-19 virus while at school.


In the event that there is a potential exposure to COVID-19 at school, the health nurse and school administrators will determine who has been in close contact with the individual following state guidelines. Parents and guardians will be notified in writing if their child is a close contact of someone either positive for COVID-19 or symptomatic of COVID-19. The Allegany County Health Department will determine the quarantine length and return date for each person with COVID-19, symptomatic of COVID-19, or exposed to someone who is positive or symptomatic. The quarantine length will be adhered to without exception. Students who are quarantined will participate in remote learning for the length of their quarantine period.


Our main concern, in addition to providing appropriate services for students, is the health and safety of our students and staff. Thank you for your continued optimism, patience, and support. Please be assured and confident that we are working diligently to ensure that your child will have a robust education as well as the social and emotional support needed to help them thrive. During this unprecedented time, we hope that our ACPS parents and guardians know that our students are our top priority. 


If you have a particular question or concern, please email it to and it will be addressed as soon as possible.


Published 9/17/20