ACPS Internet

If you reside in close proximity to an Allegany County Public School, your wifi may automatically sync with the local school's wifi server upon turning on your computer. 
For example, if you reside near BelAir Elementary School, your wifi may automatically sync to ACPS-ENT, or if you reside near South Penn Elementary School, your wifi may automatically sync to ACPS-ENT. The same is true if you reside within the general proximity of any Allegany County Public School. 
While you can access the Internet in this manner, it is not the most efficient way if you have Internet access within your home. Additionally, it most likely provides less speed than your wifi access.
To correct the issue, do the following: Upon turning on your computer, go to the "wifi" icon, typically located in the lower right corner on your computer screen. 
Network Settings.PNG
Click on the "radar" image just below the arrow. Then, find your wifi, which will likely be identified by a name someone in your household gave it. This will provide you with access to the Internet provided by your service provider. It should also increase the overall efficiency and Internet speed. 
Published 9/8/20