Update Aug 26


At this time, all laptops and Chromebooks have been delivered to schools for distribution. Principals have communicated with parents/guardians regarding distribution procedures. Some of the distributions are occurring this week. If you need a device for a school-age student in the ACPS and you were not able to pick up the device during the scheduled distribution timeframe, please call the school and schedule a date/time to pick up the device and complete the required loaner forms. If you have an extenuating circumstance with regards to transportation, please call and discuss that concern with the school staff.   When you pick up the device, the staff will provide you with the credentials and login information that you will need for Schoology.

Login to Schoology

The instructions for how a parent and student can log in to the Schoology Learning Management System (LMS) are available on the website. There is also a video. If you have not viewed any of the introductory videos about Schoology that have been posted on the website, I encourage you watch an overview of the LMS first. The overview will provide you with the basics about how Schoology works from a parent or student’s perspective. Student login information is just lastname.firstname@acpsmd.org and their 4-digit code from Aspen. Please ignore the information about the parent access code at this time.  You will get a parent access code when school starts which will allow you to view your child's progress.  

Once students log in to their Schoology account, they will see their course dashboard. To make sure the student is in his/her account, the first and last name should be in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. The course dashboard shows icons for each class the student is enrolled. The student can select each course to enter into the online classroom. Please know and understand that you may not find any information on a course at this time.  It is not the expectation that teachers will have their courses completed with lessons, activities, comments, or updates at this time. Teachers will be adding course information when they return to work next week. That does not mean that some teachers have not already worked during their off hours on their courses. What it does mean is that teachers are not required to have things completed at this time. Therefore, the intended goal of providing the directions and a resource video is so you and/or the student can log in to Schoology and become familiar with the features.

The following are the intended outcomes for parents and students for August 26-August 31:

View an introductory video about Schoology
Review the directions on how to log in to Schoology
View the video on how to log in to Schoology
Log in to Schoology; if your child is capable of logging in to Schoology, allow them to log in as well

If you or the student attempt to log in to Schoology and you are unsuccessful, please call the ACPS IT Help Desk at 301-876-9819.   The IT Help Desk staff will answer questions and concerns related to technical issues such as computer problems and accessing Schoology. The Help Desk staff will not answer instructional or classroom specific questions or concerns. The Help Desk is live from 8 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. If you need assistance outside of these hours, please email ITHelpdesk@acpsmd.org.   If you are on a broadband-connected Windows 10 computer, we may ask for remote access to your computer via Microsoft Quick Access.

Please Note the following:

Students must be logged into Google Chrome with their ACPS credentials to have the best Schoology experience.
ACPS credentials and login information for Schoology are provided by your child’s school (s).
Please note that some schools are planning to offer additional training on Schoology for parents/students. If your child’s school is offering a training, the principal will send out the information through the School Robocall system.  
Teachers understand that they will need to provide resources to students and parents on how to engage in the learning management system, as well as expectations for learning in a virtual environment. Teachers have been provided with a guidance document on areas that will need to be addressed with students and parents in the opening days of school.

Attendance Update

In addition, we have been asked about attendance requirements. The ACPS will provide synchronous “live or real time” and asynchronous learning through archived videos and the online activities for students if there are extenuating family circumstances. While our district goal is that every student participates in synchronous or “real time” instruction, we realize that many parents have to work during the virtual learning hours and that elementary students, in particular, may not be able to navigate the LMS without parental assistance. More information will be provided in the next days. The MSDE is scheduled to update to school systems on district attendance requirements this week.

Thank you for your continued optimism, patience, and support. There is a proverb that says “If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” No one succeeds alone. Success for your child involves a collective effort among all of us. Please work with us in a spirit of cooperation, grace, and kindness. Please be assured and confident that we are working diligently to ensure that your child will have a robust education as well as the social and emotional support needed to help your child thrive. During this unprecedented period in our history, we hope that our ACPS parents know that our students are our top priority. We will do everything possible to deepen our connection with you and support you and your family. Please continue to monitor the website for updates. Stay safe and be well. Dr. Kim Kalbaugh

Published 8/26/20