A Message from the Interim Superintendent of Schools


As we continue providing enriching educational experiences through the ACPS Continuity of Learning Plan, I wanted to express my appreciation to each of you involved with this new method of learning during the extended school closure.  Our school community consisting of our employees, parents, and students are overcoming hurdles presented by this pandemic and proving that we will move forward.  We will implement a new form of technology and document-based learning.   We will engage our students in meaningful learning experiences outside of the traditional classroom.  We will continue to show our students that we care and are here for them through these challenging times.  It is truly inspiring to see us, as a community, united to do whatever is necessary to overcome.

As you and your students utilize the Continuity of Learning platform, you may also communicate  with your child’s teacher and administrator to answer any questions or to receive assistance with assignments and activities.  The ACPS Continuity of Learning Plan is accessible through the this crisis management website. ACPS has also established an Instructional Technology Help Desk number to offer assistance for computer problems and accessing online instructional resources.  The helpdesk is live from 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.  If you need assistance outside of these hours, please email ITHelpdesk@acpsmd.org.

During these difficult and unprecedented times, our community has continued to support our students and public school system. Our county always rises to the occasion in times of need, which I have seen consistently as a life-long resident. Please continue to encourage and support one another as we face challenges presented by this pandemic.  Together our community will make a difference.  United we are strong.  Stay Home, Stay Safe. 


Jeffrey S. Blank
Interim Superintendent of Schools


Published 4/3/20