A Message for Early College Students

AN IMPORTANT MESSAGE FOR EARLY COLLEGE STUDENTS:On Monday, March 30, 2020, ACPS early college students will begin or resume completion of their Allegany College of Maryland (ACM) spring semester college course(s) via an online platform. ACM is requiring this action as a result of the recent closure of ACM and ACPS due to the coronavirus pandemic. Early college students must finish their coursework through the online platform and must obtain a passing grade to earn college credit(s) from ACM. This also includes P-TECH students who are taking a college course(s) through ACM for the spring semester. 

ACPS early college teacher(s) has/have been instructed to contact their students regarding each early college course that he/she is taking during the spring semester. Students are encouraged to please check their ACM email accounts and Brightspace for information from their teacher. If a student does not hear from an early college teacher by Monday, please contact the appropriate ACPS content supervisor listed below:

Students needing assistance regarding course content or anything related to this information should email their early college teacher or contact the content supervisor listed above.

Students without Internet access or a device to complete course work should contact their early college teacher or the content supervisor listed above.


Published 3/25/20