The Return of Students

Feb. 8 - No connectivity students return

March 1 - Students with specific special education needs return

March 8 - Grade 6 students return

March 15 - Grades 7 & 8 students return

When students return to school, they will be required to properly wear (covering mouth and nose) a face mask when riding the school bus and in the school. Neck-gaiters are not considered a safe and acceptable form of face covering for the school setting.

As we begin our preparations for students to return to Washington MS, we would like parents to know that students will be required to carry their Chromebooks/Laptops (and chargers) in backpacks daily. Students will also need to bring ear-buds each day.

Any student/parent wishing to opt-out of in person learning will be REQUIRED to complete a new form, even if you submitted a form last Fall. Opt-Out forms will be available starting Feb. 8th and can be found in their child's co-curricular class announcements. Parents will need to complete and sign the form then submit it electronically to the child's co-curricular teacher. Forms are due no later than Wednesday, Feb. 10th.