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Flintstone Elementary School Honored as 1st Elementary School in State to earn Safe Schools Maryland Gold School Status

School Presented with Governor’s Citation for Prioritizing Safety


safe schoolOn Monday, April 25, 2022, Flintstone Elementary School was honored by the Maryland Center for School Safety for earning the distinction of Safe Schools Maryland Gold School. In order to achieve this status, schools must welcome MSCC staff to present information about the Safe Schools Maryland anonymous reporting system.


Flintstone held a small assembly in front of fourth grade students to receive this distinguished recognition. In attendance was Ms. Kate Hession, MCSS Director; Ms. Shannon Ralston, Flintstone Principal; Mr. Jeff Blank, ACPS Superintendent of Schools; Mrs. Crystal Bender, school board president; Mr. Robert Farrell, school board vice president; Officer Steve Lipinski; Jim Hott, MCSS School Safety Emergency Preparedness Specialist and DARE instructor; Dr. Sarah Welsh, ACPS Equity and Student Outcomes Coordinator; and Ashely Divelbiss, Flintstone PTA President. Unable to attend was Mr. Anthony Rumgay, ACPS Assistant Supervisor of Student Support Services and School Safety.


According to Ms. Hession, “We are very proud of schools who are prioritizing and getting information out about Safe Schools Maryland to students, staff, and parent communities. Flintstone, and especially Principal Ralston, has led this charge.” She continued, “Thank you for all of the work you do each and every day for promoting Safe Schools Maryland in your school.”


Upon speaking to the student audience, Ms. Ralston said, “This is such an honor, and the reason we are here is because of you. Thank you, fourth grade students, as well as the rest of our students, staff members, and parents who participated in our trainings for Safe Schools Maryland.” Principal Ralston reiterated to the group that Flintstone students abide by four school rules: Be Safe, Be Respectful, Be Responsible, and Be Ready to Learn. “It is in elementary school where following rules and setting expectations gets demonstrated and enforced, and it is vital for students to know what is safe and appropriate behavior and what is not.”


Also addressing the student body was Dr. Welsh. “I want to commend all of you here at Flintstone for the work that you do to build strong relationships among the staff, students and families. The work of building community is a key component of safety – creating a school culture that values positive character development, that teaches students that strong relationships can always be repaired when something goes wrong, and that everyone has voice and value.”


Mr. Hott, who is also a DARE instructor in ACPS, spoke to the group as well. “I’m really happy to be here, and I can’t wait to get here next year to teach DARE to all of you as fifth graders.” He noted that not only is DARE about abstaining from drugs and alcohol, but about making good and safe decisions. “Having the Safe Schools Maryland anonymous reporting system in your school is definitely making a good decision.”


The highlight and conclusion of the event was a student-recited poem about the importance of the Safe Schools Maryland anonymous reporting system. There are three ways to report: Dial 1-833-MD-B-SAFE; Visit; or by downloading the app.


Flintstone Elementary Schools Safe Schools Award from ACPS Video on Demand on Vimeo.


Published 4/25/22