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Allegany High School Drama and the Performing Arts present One Act Plays

Performances Scheduled for November 25th


The Allegany High School Drama and the Performing Arts class present their One Act play production of “Ten Actors in Search of a Cell Phone” by James Rayfield and “Boxes” by Kendra Thomas. Performances will be held in the school’s theatre on Monday, November 25, 2019 at 7 p.m. There is no cost for admission.  


Just as the stage manager is preparing to call "Places" for the start of the school's play, everything comes to a screeching halt in “Ten Actors in Search of a Cell Phone.” Brandy has discovered that her cell phone is missing and refuses to go on until she finds it. The other actors try to help her re-create her every move to find the exact moment the phone was misplaced, and what follows is not only the quest for a cell phone but a trip through a tangle of who said what to whom. From secret boyfriends, pet nicknames, and the confusion between Tony the boy to Toni the girl, the audience gets a very funny look at how gossip gets started and where it goes.


Imagine a world where every teen comes of age by receiving an empty box. In “Boxes,” drama unfolds as teens cope with pressures and expectations from others. Jack is curious when he receives his box as a birthday present.  His confusion about the cubed oddity quickly turns to concern when his family, friends, and teachers begin filling his box with their expectations for him.  The heavier Jack’s box gets, the more burdened he feels by it — and the more Jack considers following his friend Chris’s lead and throwing his box away.  Before Jack casts away his own ambitions to relieve him of the stress pleasing others, a strong supporting cast of friends helps Jack sort through what matters most and what’s worth holding onto. Ultimately, Jack comes to understand that his box is filled, not with other people’s expectations for him, but with their hopes, so that he can create his own goals and dreams. 


Directed by Drama Instructor, Desiree Witt, along with student actors Samantha Adams, Erica Bennett, Mandy Chucci, Taylor Curtis, Hayden Davis Shoemaker, Madison Haynal, Daniel Highland, Maddison Koch, Ryan Marvin, Tre Meade, Katie Miller, Hannah Moore, Brianna Palasik, and Connor Ward.


Published 11/7/19