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Mountain Ridge Hosts NHS Induction Ceremony

mr nhs School Organization Welcomes 70 New Members


The Mountain Ridge High School Chapter of the National Honor Society recently held its induction ceremony for the 2019-2020 school year welcoming 70 new members to the organization.


The NHS recognizes juniors and seniors who display outstanding accomplishment in the areas of scholarship, service, leadership and character. Students who are inducted are required to have a grade point average of 3.7 or higher.


The ceremony was held in the school’s auditorium under the direction of advisers Mrs. Vicki Hoover, Mr. Todd Logsdon, and Dr. Matthew Ravenscroft. The program opened with a processional played by Claire Raesly, followed by the National Anthem, sung by Brielle Windle. Mr. James Pyles, Director of the Department of Emergency Services for Allegany County, served as a guest speaker. Interim Superintendent of Schools, Mr. Jeff Blank, Principal Mr. Danny Carter, and Assistant Principals Mr. Bo Evans and Mrs. Katherine Loughrie, all spoke during the ceremony. Four candles representing each characteristic of the NHS were lit by officers Kristen Smith, president, scholarship; Hana Chitsaz, vice-president, service; Anthony Schena, secretary, leadership; and Salee Blank, treasurer, character.


The following students were inducted into the honor society: Makayla Alexander, Christopher Apuzzo, Reillee Beeman, Zoey Blank, Brayden Bowman, Tristen Brehm, Allison Carey, Kennedy Cesnick, Sarah Chapman, Brianna Cline, Zaden Conway, Lindsay Crowe, Anna Cullen, Abby Derham, Erin Derham, Brooke Eauclaire, Sophia Edwards, Mackenzie Fetters, Cassandra Frankenberry, Jordyn Fuller, Kayla Gomez, Ella Hoffman, Tesse Hoppe, Sydney Hotchkiss, Nathan Howard, Jacob Hutzell, Avery Jacobs, Rachel Jones, Tyler Kesner, Gavin Kinnie, Megan Kline, Emily Lease, Abigail Lent, Gwendolyn Lent, Kaeli Leptic, Connor Lewis, Emily Liller, Gracie Lindner, Devin Lissau, Dustin MacDonald, Elizabeth Marchbank, Jeffrey McKenzie, Adria McMillan, Ashley Michaels, Reagan Miller, Thomas Miller, Lara Monahan, Grace Mowery, Annika Murphy, Jordan Nolan, Joseph Oyer, Jarrett Pennington, Daniel Ravenscroft, Joshua Ravenscroft, Dalton Reed, Kaleb Richards, Karissa Robertson, Neelesh Singh, Quinn Stark, Paige Swisher, Dawson Ternent, Makayla Thomas, Bailie Warnick, Madison Werner, Hayley Wiegand, Danielle Wildesen, McKenzie Williams, Brielle Windle, Nathan Worgan, Courtney Yaeger.


The following senior NHS members were also in attendance: Katherine Baker, Alyvia Biser, Salee Blank, Kassidy Bothwell, Kyleigh Bothwell, McKenna Bowman, Trenton Buskirk, Emily Carbaugh, Madison Cesnick, Hana Chitsaz, Chase Connor, Krystal Delawder, Evard DeMott, Maria Diaz, Abigail Duncan, Chase Fearon, Dawson Hormuth, Taylor Howell, Kerry Jenkins, Lily Johnson, Michelle Kight, Sean Kline, Dayna Lashley, Kailey Leith, Lena Maffley, Alyvia Mazer, Miah McKenzie, Paige Miller, Emily Montgomery, Donna Morgan, Hannah Muir, Olivia Ours, Madison Paris, Hayley Robinette, Abigail Rose, Anthony Schena, Julia Seddon, Kristen Smith, Peyton Smith, Samantha Snyder, Devon Spiker, Savannah Turner, Mason Warner, Michael Warnick, Hayley Weddle, Jack Weston, Kailee Wilson, and Isaac Winfield.


Published 12/6/19