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2014 Maryland Envirothon

envirothon winners 14 High School Teams Competed; Mountain Ridge’s “SPAT” Take 1st Place

Allegany County Public Schools hosted the 25th Annual Envirothon Competition on Wednesday, April 30, 2014, at Rocky Gap State Park. Fourteen teams from Allegany, Fort Hill and Mountain Ridge High Schools, the Center for Career and Technical Education participated in this year’s event.
Mountain Ridge High School’s team, “SPAT”, placed first in the event with 412 points and will now have the opportunity to represent Allegany County at the 2014 Maryland Envirothon to be held at Camp Pecometh on June 18-19, 2014, in Centreville, Maryland. Members of team “SPAT” included Georgia Grace Edwards, Kristie Whiteman, Claire Romaine, and Hunter Barclay. Rebecca Byzon is Monutain Ridge’s Envirothon advisor.
Allegany County’s competition includes five stations: forestry, wildlife, aquatics, soils, and a current environmental issue. The 2014 current environmental issue was Sustainable Local Agriculture /Locally Grown. Allegany’s team, “Panda Bears”, placed 2nd in the competition with 375 points; Allegany’s team“Koala Bears” placed 3rd with 354 points; and Mountain Ridge’s “Spyrogyra” received Honorable Mention with 336 points.
The Envirothon is a problem-solving natural resource competition for high school students. Three Pennsylvania soil and water conservation districts first implemented it in 1979, and the first national contest was held in 1988. The objectives of the event are to allow participants to gain a deeper knowledge of the effect individual actions have on environmental problems; the interactions and interdependencies of the environment; current environmental issues; the agencies available to assist them in resource-protection matters; and the need to become environmentally aware and action-oriented adults.
Sponsorship for this year’s county event was provided by Emerick’s Meat and Packing Company, Fruit Bowl Market, LaVale Lions Club, New Page, Pepsi, Martin’s Food, Coca-Cola, Strohmann, AES Warrior Run, National Jet Company, and the Allegany County Teachers’ FCU.
The school system partners with the following agencies to host the Envirothon: Maryland Park Service, Allegany County Forestry Board, Maryland Cooperative Extension, Allegany County Soil Conservation District, Maryland Department of Natural Resources (fisheries, wildlife, forestry), and the Maryland Association of Forest Conservancy District Board.


The Maryland Envirothon is a  problem-solving natural resource competition for high school students.  

Participants will gain a deeper knowledge of the following:

  •  The affect individual actions have on environmental problems;
  •  the interactions and inter dependencies of our environment;

  •  current environmental issues;

  •  the agencies available to assist them in resource protection matters;

  •  the need to become environmentally aware, action-oriented adults. 

ACPS Envirothon Winners List

 1989-90Beall 2001-02Allegany 
 1990-91 Fort Hill 2002-03Allegany 
 1991-92 Beall 2003-04 Allegany 
 1992-93 Beall 2004-05 Allegany 
 1993-94 Beall 2005-06 
 1994-95 Allegany 2006-07 Allegany 
 1995-96 Westmar 2007-08 Allegany 
 1996-97 Bishop Walsh 2008-09 Allegany 
 1997-98 Allegany 2009-10Allegany 
 1998-99 Allegany 2010-11 Allegany 
 1999-00 Allegany 2011-12 Allegany 
 2000-01 Allegany 2012-13 Allegany