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Union Square Learning Highlights Allegany County in Article

ACPS Elementary Schools Beating the Odds in Math


David Wakelyn, founding partner at Union Square Learning, a nonprofit helping educational organizations develop innovative ideas and achieve better results, recently authored an article highlighting how Allegany County Public Schools are beating the odds in math achievement at the elementary level even with the greatest number of high poverty schools.


Wakelyn stated, “Nationally, very few schools, about 3%, have both high poverty rates and high student achievement. Of the 1,200 elementary and middle schools in Maryland, only 23 are in the upper left tier, considered to be beating the odds.” He went on to say, “Allegany has six such schools and six more that are close to high-performing.” The six high-performing elementary schools include Cresaptown, Cash Valley, Parkside, Beall, Northeast, and West Side.


When attempting to determine what ACPS was doing to break the link between student learning and their socioeconomic background, Wakelyn found that the school system was putting forth “a steady effort across the district to create coherent learning systems of professional development and coaching, curriculum matched closely to assessments and extra time for all students, all bound together by a strong vision from the district’s leadership.”


The article can be read in its entirety here:


Published 7/24/19