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High Schools Participating in Mental Health Awareness Activities

Children’s Mental Health Awareness Day May 10th


In recognition of Children’s Mental Health Awareness Week and Day 2018, high schools in the Allegany County Public School System are participating in a variety of activities throughout the week in an effort to end the stigma surrounding mental illness.


With the help of school counselors, Fort Hill High School students have been handing out stickers of different colors to correspond with awareness colors of several common mental disorders and illness. Each day throughout the week focused on these stickers, which include teal for Anxiety disorders; red for ADD/ADHD; blue for Depression; dark green for OCD; and light green for mental illness. Additionally, students have prepared awareness messages that are read on the morning announcements.


Allegany High School held a speech project to identify a problem and propose a real-world solution. Senior students selected “bullying and it’s negative impact on school success.” The group’s solution to this prevalent issue was peer mentoring and strategies for engaging teens to improve school success. From this project came the implementation of Peer Connections, a program that will train juniors and seniors to serve as peer mentors. In addition, students also prepared a mental health bulletin board and morning announcements in an effort to raise awareness of mental illness and end the stigma surrounding it.


Finally, students at Mountain Ridge High School recognized Children’s Mental Health Awareness Week by manning tables in the lobby that provided information about mental illness as well as provided students with ribbons in support of raising awareness for mental health.


Published 5/10/18