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Allegany County Public Schools Offers Summer School Learning Programs

Allegany County Public Schools once again offered in-person summer learning programs for students of all ages. Programs began following the conclusion of the 2022-2023 school year and ran through the end of July. Summer learning programs provide students with the opportunity to enhance their education and help ensure readiness for their next grade level.

The elementary summer learning programs were held at five ACPS sites and were run by the familiar faces of many qualified ACPS teachers. The sessions used an interactive approach to engage students in structured lessons of reading and math. Lessons were created to support each child’s skill development and advancement readiness, using fun, age appropriate activities. As always, learning with Legos and robotics were popular activities. Special events for students at the Judy Center sites included Reptile World, Tony M. Music, Bright Star Theater Show, and the Early Childhood Festival.

Middle school students and secondary students with disabilities were invited to participate in a thematic, hands-on, camp-like experience at Eckhart School. This year’s activities focused on skills related to geometry and reading informational text, using themed units, including: “Be a Mad Scientist,” “Globe Trotting Around the World,” “Get Back to Nature and Let’s Camp,” “Shark Week in the Ocean,” “Through the Decades,” and “Everything Farms.” Many engaging, hands-on activities, and field trips were planned for students to actively engage in learning and fun. General and special educators, instructional assistants, school counselors, and mental health specialists, behavior specialists, administrators, and supervisors all worked together to provide the most well-rounded experience for enrolled students.

High school students were offered multiple options, depending on their needs. Extended senior school was offered to seniors who were 1-3 credits short of graduation requirements. Credit Recovery Summer School was offered in-person to any high school student who failed a course during the year. Original Credit Summer School was available, both in person and online, in the areas of physical education, health, personal financial literacy, and music, to any students in grades 9-12.

With the exception of the Original Credit Summer School, all ACPS Summer Learning Programs were offered free of charge, Monday through Thursday. Enrolled students were provided a free breakfast and lunch, as well as transportation to the specific locations.

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