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ACPS to Host Virtual Financial Literacy Entrepreneurial Competition

Event Targets Students in Grades 7 & 8; Stresses the Importance of Learning about Finances


In conjunction with National Financial Literacy Month, which is recognized annually each April, Allegany County Public Schools will offer middle school students in Grades 7 and 8 the opportunity to participate in a virtual Financial Literacy Entrepreneurial competition. Students can present a business proposal via a video presentation, and each student or a team will have 5-7 minutes to present the proposal.   A panel from ACPS will review the videos and provide feedback and will ultimately decide the winning business idea.


According to ACPS Chief Academic Officer, Dr. Kim Kalbaugh, “I’m passionate about financial literacy. I want every student in ACPS to understand the importance of savings, spending, investing, and entrepreneurship.” She went on to say, “In ACPS, we strive to provide a cumulative experience about financial literacy during middle school and high school. It’s critical that our students understand personal finance and entrepreneurial skills. Understanding personal finance should continue throughout a person’s life all the way through their retirement age.”


National Financial Literacy Month places the importance of learning about finances and the tools to learn about them right in the classroom. No matter the age of the students, putting the know-how and resources at their fingertips will give them the power to make wise decisions now and in the future.


“In addition, every parent needs to take time to teach their children more about fiscal responsibility,” said Dr. Kalbaugh. “If a parent struggles with financial responsibility, it’s absolutely necessary for the parent to seek tools and resources that will help them to guide their children through financial pitfalls. Overspending with money that we don’t have has been made so easy with credit cards, but it’s a real problem in our country and young people need to understand how to be financially responsible so they can make sound financial decisions throughout life.”


Participating students in the financial literacy competition will have the chance to win a top Prize for the most innovative idea/business pitch. Individual winners will receive a $100 gift card to the Country Club Mall, and team winners will each earn a $25.00 gift card to the mall (for up to 4 members). Winners will also receive a medallion. Students can also receive a certificate and a Chick-Fil0A gift card for submitting a business proposal video. Winners will be announced on the ACPS website.


Seventh and eighth graders interested in submitting a video business proposal should ask their co-curricular teacher for the Business Pitch Proposal Worksheet. Video proposals should be submitted to Mia Cross, Public Information Officer, before May 24, 2021.


“This is a great opportunity for students. We have facilitated this competition for a number of years. The competition provides students with the opportunity to show their marketing and communication skills,” said Dr. Kalbaugh. “This year, due to COVID, we decided to have student prepare a video proposal. Over the years, we have celebrated the unique proposals that students have created. We collaborate with EverFi, HRDC, the Chamber of Commerce, and other local agency leaders to provide valuable feedback to the students who participate in the competition.”


Published 4/29/21