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Maryland Green School Program Grows to 656 Schools

Representing 30% of Maryland Schools

The Maryland Association for Environmental and Outdoor Education (MAEOE) announced the number of Maryland Green Schools grew to 656 during the 2019-2020 academic year, representing 30% of all schools in the state and an addition of 46 new schools. Of the 150 successful applications, 86 schools recertified their Maryland Green School status. 18 schools achieved “sustainable” Maryland Green Schools status for participation in the program for 14 years. MAEOE also announced that two new Green Centers joined their network of more than 40 organizations supporting the Green Schools program. Their environmental programs positively impact students, teachers, and communities.


Allegany County is now home to seven Green Schools. The Center for Career and Technical Education received 1st Recertification for Green School, and Fort Hill High School received Green School status. Additionally, Allegany High School is a Sustainable Green School. Other ACPS schools earning Green School status include Braddock, Mt. Savage, Washington, and Westmar Middle Schools. 


To recognize the accomplishments of these schools, our team has created a series of videos that can be accessed and shared. Click HERE to view the Allegany County Public Schools Recognition Video.


Maryland Green Schools in 2019-2020 have achieved remarkable environmental accomplishments, they have saved 648,415 gallons of water; reduced energy use by 2,157,757 kwh; recycled 1,729,076 lbs of material, preventing waste from going to a landfill; created 25,961 square feet of natural habitat; planted 3,203 native plants, including shrubs and trees; and cleaned 86,197 square feet of streambanks to protect our water quality.


“We want every school in Maryland to be a Green School. MAEOE and partners are helping to create lifelong stewards of the environment by working with school districts and independent/private schools to grow the number of green schools in our state,” said Laura Johnson Collard, MAEOE Executive Director. “We are proud of our Maryland Green Schools and the work that they do to create a healthy and sustainable environment for everyone in their school community, while teaching students to care about the environment and make a positive impact.”


During the global COVID-19 pandemic, Maryland Green Schools students are encouraged to share their passion for the environment while spending time “safer at home” with their families by recycling, turning off un-necessary lights and electrical plugs.


MAEOE will host a virtual celebration on June 1, 2020 to recognize awardees through videos that can be shared with school communities and hopes to return to Sandy Point State Park for the 12th Annual Maryland Green Schools Youth Summit on May 20, 2021.


We congratulate all of the schools that have participated this year! For more information about the Maryland Green Schools program visit


Published 6/2/20