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Maryland's Sophomore Student Leaders Attend Youth Leadership Seminar

In June, more than 200 sophomore student leaders, representing all of Maryland’s counties will attend the 41st annual Hugh O’Brian Youth (HOBY) Maryland Leadership Seminar. Nominations for HOBY Ambassadors are submitted by high school principals and/or advisors. The Sophomore nominees are selected based upon being recognized as leaders within their school and community. Usually, only one student per school is nominated.

This year, Allegany County Public Schools has the honor of having four HOBY Ambassadors. The representative for Allegany High School is Miss Audrey Rader. The representatives for Fort Hill are Miss Ciara Ross and Miss Rory Martz. The representative for Mountain Ridge is Miss Holly Levitt.

The 3-day HOBY virtual seminar aims to bring together all student HOBY Ambassadors with distinguished leaders within business, government, and education, giving them a chance to discuss relevant issues. Topics typically discussed include, global education, volunteerism, media literacy, entrepreneurship, gratitude, and leadership and motivation. The seminar will provide a forum for students to learn more about the American incentive system and democratic process, while gaining a broader understanding of their leadership potential and self-development. Following the seminar, HOBY Ambassadors will return to their communities and perform at least 100 hours of community service within the year.