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Four ACPS Mathletes Qualify as Semifinalists in Mathcounts Video Challenge

Four students from the Mathcounts programs at Westmar and Mount Savage Middle Schools have qualified as semifinalists for the Mathcounts National Math Video Challenge. Westmar student, Toby Hogan, and Mount Savage students, Connor Fenton, Ethan Kwok, and Dane VanSlyke, who form the AniMATHiacs interscholastic team, created their video under the direction of coach Teresa Norris. Nuts About Profits was selected from over 2,000 videos to be included in the top 12 chosen as semifinalists.


The Math Video Challenge encourages student creativity and innovation by allowing students, working together in teams of four, to choose a Mathcounts handbook problem and create a script around a student-developed real-world scenario. Students then film, edit, and produce an original video of no more than five minutes based on the selected problem.


Students began work on the project in October of 2020 using the Schoology conferencing app. Mrs. Norris guided students in the selection of their problem and through the processes of script writing, recording voice-overs, and choosing the best medium through which to present their original screenplay.


The team created their video using a script developed by Toby Hogan 8th grade; the animation skills of Connor Fenton, 7th grade; and the mathematical explanations of Ethan Kwok and Dane VanSlyke, 6th graders, to convey the problem in an original real-world scenario.


The video can be viewed at


Published 4/13/21