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We Are Fort Hill Committee to Aid in Improving School’s Veterans Memorial

Pine Tree Grove to be removed; Concrete Plaza, Plaques, Lighted Flag Poles to be added


The We Are Fort Hill Committee has been working in partnership with the ACPS Maintenance Department to improve the Fort Hill veterans’ memorial located near Greenway Avenue Stadium. The first step in the process to provide a more respectful memorial will be to remove the grove of pine trees surrounding the current monument.


“To honor our veterans by renovating the memorial at Greenway Avenue Stadium is a project that I am grateful to see the We Are Fort Hill Committee take the initiative to complete,” said Candy Canan, Fort Hill principal.  “We owe so much to the men and women in uniform who have made the ultimate sacrifice by giving their lives to keep our country free.  It pleases me greatly to work in a community that chooses to recognize and show appreciation for our veterans.”


After the removal of the trees, which is set to begin this week, the construction of the new memorial will begin. The new site will include a concrete plaza, lighted flagpoles showcasing the American flag as well as the Maryland flag, and a bronze plaque honoring the names of Fort Hill graduates that sacrificed their lives in WWII.S


According to Mr. Vince Montana, ACPS Director of Facilities, “I'm grateful that the We Are Fort Hill Committee has spearheaded the effort to replace the memorial with a more respectful tribute to the Fort Hill graduates that gave their lives in service to our country.”


Published 9/9/19