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    Section Title Policy Title Policy Regulations Exhibit Adopted
    J-Students Student Goals JA  6/15/1993
    J-Students Equal Educational Opportunity JB JB-R  09/14/2021
    J-Students Bullying, Harassment or Intimidation JBA JBA-R JBA-E  02/08/2022
    J-Students School Attendance Areas JC JC-R JC-E  10/10/2023
    J-Students Early Admission JEB JEB-R  06/27/2019
    J-Students Attendance Policy JED JED-R JED-E  09/13/2022
    J-Students Student Rights & Responsibilities JF  6/15/1993
    J-Students Student Awards and Scholarships JI  6/15/1993
    J-Students Students Dress JICA JICA-R  1/8/2002
    J-Students School-Sponsored Student Media JICE JICE-R  12/11/2018
    J-Students Substance Abuse by Students JICH JICH-R  4/12/2016
    J-Students Weapons in School JICI JICI-R  05/09/2023
    J-Students Student Interrogations/Searches/Arrests JIH JIH-R  11/09/2016
    J-Students Information Technology Responsible Use JIK JIK-R  8/14/2018
    J-Students Fundraising JJE  9/10/2019
    J-Students Academic and Conduct Standards for Participation in Athletics JJIC JJIC-R JJIC-E  05/19/22
    J-Students Minimum Standards for Participation in Extra-Curricular Non-Athletic Activities JJJ JJJ-R  1/12/2017
    J-Students Student Discipline JK  4/28/2020
    J-Students Student Registered Sex Offenders - Entry on School Property JKCA JKCA-R  06/07/2022
    J-Students Epinephrine Policy JLCEA JLCEA-R  10/17/2012
    J-Students Food Allergy JLCEB JLCEB-R JLCEB-E  4/23/2015
    J-Students Automated External Defibrillator JLCEC JLCEC-R  11/10/2015
    J-Students Naloxone Policy JLCED  2/1/2018
    J-Students Sun Safety JLCEE JLCEE-E  09/24/2018
    J-Students Behavioral Threat Assessment Policy JLDAC JDCAC-R  02/13/2024
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