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    Section Title Policy Title Policy Regulations Exhibit Adopted
    I-Instruction Instructional Goals IA  
    I-Instruction Organization of Instruction IE  6/15/1993
    I-Instruction Corrollary Physical Education & Athletics IHBA IHBA-R  10/12/2010
    I-Instruction Support & Improve the Educational Outcome of Pregnant & Parenting Students IHBCA IHBCA-R  04/12/22
    I-Instruction Public Charter School IHBF IHBF-R  1/11/2011
    I-Instruction Advanced Placement Programs IHCD IHCD-R  10/10/2017
    I-Instruction Field Trips IHOA IHOA-R IHOA-E  5/15/2019
    I-Instruction Class Size Policy IIB IIB-R  8/10/2012
    I-Instruction Student Schedules & Course Loads IIE IIE-R IIE-E  6/22/2011
    I-Instruction IEP Audio-Video Recording IIJ  02/14/2017
    I-Instruction Guidance Program IJ  6/15/1993
    I-Instruction Library Materials Selection and Adoption IJL IJL-R  5/10/2011
    I-Instruction Inquiry Decision & Reconsideration of Library Media IJNC IJNC-R  09/21/2010
    I-Instruction Volunteer Policy IJOC  10/11/2022
    I-Instruction Student Progress Reports to Parents IKAB  6/15/1993
    I-Instruction Evaluation of Students (Grading Policy) IKA IKA-R  11/14/2023
    I-Instruction Homework IKB IKB-R  6/15/1993
    I-Instruction Grade Point Average IKC IKC-R  12/10/2019
    I-Instruction Promotion & Retention IKE IKE-R  2/26/2013
    I-Instruction Education Equity Policy IMAA  04/23/19
    I-Instruction Service Animals IMG IMG-R IMG-E  5/8/2012
    I-Instruction Class Interruptions IMH IMH-R  8/1/2011
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