School Social Workers

  • School Social Workers are responsible for the following:

    • Provides counseling for substance abuse
    • Serves as liaison for home-school-community
    • Provides social, emotional, and behavioral assessment
    • Provides direct services (individual/group therapeutic services, social and emotional learning)
    • Treatment of emotional disorders
    • Provides professional case management
    • Consults on Behavior Intervention Plans - II, III, Non-IEP Integrated Support Plan
    • Facilitates transition form school to school
    • Provides after-care services
    • Counseling home and hospital students

    ACPS School Social Workers are listed below along with the schools that they serve:

    • Wendy McKenzie - Allegany High School, Braddock Middle School, Cash Valley Elementary School, Cresaptown Elementary School, Northeast Elementary School
    • Jill Starr - Beall Elementary School, Career Center, Frost Elementary School, John Humbird Elementary School, Parkside Elementary School, West Side Elementary School
    • Mariah Peterson - Bel Air Elementary School, Flintstone Elementary School, Fort Hill High School, South Penn Elementary School, Washington Middle School
    • Ann Beeman - George's Creek Elementary School, Mt. Savage School, Mountain Ridge High School
Last Modified on September 25, 2020