Contact Manager

Contact Manger: Step-by-Step Account Activation Instructions
Contact Manager is your portal to School Messenger: On this website you can update and modify message delivery preferences to best fit your lifestyle. Once you create your account, you will have to add the Student ID# for each child you may have in the school system. Once your account is created and you have added your children, you may change the message delivery options for each type of message and each type of delivery. Any changes made to your listing for Phone #1 or Phone #2 should be reported to the appropriate school office to update your emergency contact card. 
Steps for setting up an account:
1. Enter the following URL into your web browser:
2. Click the Sign Up Now link near the bottom of the page.
3. On the Sign Up page, enter a valid email address, a password, you name, and zip code. Use the email address and the password entered here to sign in later. Click Create Account when done. [Note: SchoolMessenger has a strict privacy policy and does not sell or distribute contact information to any 3rd party.]
4. Check your email. There will be an Account Activation email from, which contains a link to activate the account. This link will take you to a confirmation page where you must enter your password in order to activate your account.
5. Once you’ve activated your account, you’re ready to add your child to your account. Click the link on the main page and add your child’s student ID# and Activation Code.
6. When you have finished adding your child to your account, you will be brought to the Edit Contact Details page where you can simply check which types of messages you would like to receive and at which phone number or email address. Make sure that you click Save when you have finished making changes.
7. If you have other children attending school in this district, you will be able to add them all to the same Contact Manager account as soon as you receive their Student ID# and Activation Code.
Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Why do I have to do this?
A: School Messenger Contact Manager is the best way for you to make changes to message delivery options. If you are satisfied with voice calls as they have been delivered and are not interested in receiving email or SMS text messages; then you can skip this opportunity.
Q: I don’t have Internet access. How can I change my contact number?
A: Start by informing the school office where you child attends school. The office staff can update your contact information in the Student Information System.
Q: My activation code expired. How do I obtain a new one?
A: You will have to contact the HELP LINE 301-759-2438. This number is the ACPS School Messenger help line at the Board of Education. There is a menu option for expired activation codes.
Q: What do the different message types mean?
A: EMERGENCY would be used in the event of a weather disaster or a situation where 911 emergency services could be involved.
DELAYS & CLOSINGS are messages delivered between 5:30am and 9:00pm (often in the early morning) pertaining to changes in the school day schedule for your child’s regional district; Mountain Ridge region, Cumberland Region, or County-wide.
GENERAL messages are for general interest activities from your child’s school and the Central Office.
SURVEY messages are intended for basic poll questions.